Broas' Quarter Horses

About Us

Broas'  Quarter Horses is proudly owned and operated by Emmet & Lee Broas and is located just outside of Middletown, New York.    We have over 30 years experience in the horse industry showing, breeding, and raising horses.  Our careers boast several AQHA Champions, a top 5 finish in the Open Reining at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, multiple AQHA Superior Awards and several AQHA World Show qualifiers.   We both have been actively involved in local Quarter Horse Associations, serving as board members and officers as well has have managed some very large open and AQHA Breed shows.   Emmet also held an AHSA judges card for 15 years and had the pleasure of judging not only open shows but A Rated English Shows as well.  
We are particularly proud of our granddaughters, Katrina and Brittany Broas.  They both started riding at a very young age and started showing a few years later.  They then went on to be very successful in the show ring and grew into two very successful individuals.  Although Brittany's career has led her away from the horse industry, Katrina continued her passion for horses and went onto Virginia Tech to get her Bachelors Degree in Equine Reproduction. She spent a year in Texas on some of the best breeding farms in the Quarter Horse industry working as a breeding manager where she had the opportunity to help deliver many foals and got experience assisting with embryo transfers, inseminating mares, flushing mares, handling stallions, and shipping semen.  She also continued her education to become a certified Vet Tech.

Both girls are married and have children of their own now. Between their careers and family they do not have much time for the horses any longer so we are hoping that there might be a "little buckeroo" in one of their children.